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August 16, 2011MapSphere v.1.00 beta (build 247)
1.FeatureYou can assign the same map location for several photos at once. Select photos in the Photo Geocoding dialog and drag them to the map.
2.FeatureNow photos appear in the Thumbnail Viewer dialog immediately after a photo is downloaded. There is an activity indicator that shows that downloading is in progress.
3.ChangeNow the last selected file filter is kept between sessions in the Save Track dialog.
4.ChangeNow there is a hint (tooltip) for Geocache container size icon.
5.ChangeNow accelerators (for example Ctrl + O) work from any pane. In the previous version it was necessary to set the keyboard focus to the map first.
6.FixedThe order of photos was sometimes wrong. Now they are ordered by time.
7.FixedMapSphere could not upload photos that had been previously imported by Windows Vista or Windows 7. This was caused by EXIF block corruption in JPEG photos.
8.FixedMilliseconds could be saved incorrectly in a track file.
9.FixedThe application could crash if the Thumbnail Viewer dialog was closed while downloading of photos was not finished.
10.FixedWhen photos were displayed in a dialog, they were not refreshed on the map.
11.FixedTwo tooltips can be displayed simultaneously in some dialogs.
12.FixedThe list of most recently used items (MRU) was not saved after an item was excluded from it.

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