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GPS Tracker Support in MapSphere

A GPS tracking unit (or simply GPS tracker) is a device that uses Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle or a person and sends the position to a server at regular time intervals. Usually the current coordinates, speed, and other parameters are sent via internet by means of GPRS connection or another mobile data service. There are two basic types of these devices - personal and automotive.

A typical personal GPS tracker is very compact and easy to carry. It is powered by batteries. Vehicle GPS trackers are permanently mounted in a vehicle and powered or recharged by the vehicle 12/24 V power.

You can configure your GPS tracker to use our server. After that you can either associate it with you yourself to make others see your real-time position or assign it to another user to track his/her movement in the MapSphere application. The most common practice is to give a GPS tracker to your child to add assurance of his or her safety.

MapSphere supports a number of GPS tracker models. From our experience we can recommend you using GlobalSat trackers like GS-TRAQ TR-203.

If you have got another GPS tracker and want to use it with MapSphere please write us a request using the support online form.

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