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October 13, 2011MapSphere v.1.00 beta (build 250)
1.ImprovementIf user tries to start the second instance of the same MapSphere, its window is brought to foreground. In the previous versions a warning message was displayed in this case. However, if the second instance is running in another user’s session, MapSphere cannot be started and the message is displayed nevertheless.
2.ImprovementThe update process is now called MapSphereUpdater to let the user understand what happens when Windows displays a warning message during MapSphere update. Note that this change will start working for future updates only.
3.FixedGPS fixes were treated as incorrect if both latitude and longitude values were negative (for example in South America).
4.FixedSome keyboard shortcuts did not work when the input focus was in panes.
5.FixedTimestamps from the EXIF block of a photo were not properly extracted if the value of hour, minute, or second was zero.
6.FixedGPS fix type values were not processed correctly in GPX XML files.
7.FixedLicense links for OpenStreetMap layers were not correct.
8.FixedOn Windows 7 and Vista the MapSphere update did not work for the default installation path (C:\Program Files). Note that this change will start working for future updates only.
9.FixedAfter MapSphere was updated, it restarted incorrectly. It erroneously complained that another instance of MapSphere is running.
10.FixedMapSphere crashed if the installation path contained non-Latin characters.
11.FixedAfter uploading a photo to the MapSphere server, its rotation according to the EXIF block could be wrong. For example this can be noted in MapSphere Trip & Photo Viewer on iPad.
12.FixedThe "OpenStreetMap (CycleMap)" and "Terraserver-USA Imagery (mix)" map layers did not work.
13.FixedThere were several minor issues in the Photo Viewer dialog. They were fixed.

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