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June 09, 2011MapSphere v.1.00 beta (build 240)
1.FeatureNow MapSphere supports geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. See more details on Geocaching.com.
2.FeatureYou can open Pocket Query GPX files containing geocaches. Choose File | Open geocaches.
3.FeatureGeocaches are displayed on the main map. Click on the geocache to see its attributes. You can also explore the whole list of geocaches on the Geocaches pane.
4.ChangeNow GPS status is called "activity". It denotes a type of your current vehicle or a mode of travel.
5.ChangeThe previous Virtual Geocaching is hidden from MapSphere to avoid confusion with "real" geocaching. This functionality will be restored later.
6.FixedSometimes the list of recent tracks became empty.
7.FixedTrack could be saved with wrong time (a fraction of seconds) values.
8.FeatureThe EXIF information is saved in photos while they are sent to the MapSphere server. If a photo is geocoded, its coordinates (latitude/longitude) are also saved in the EXIF block.
9.FixedPhotos were not sorted by time in the list of thumbnails and in Photo Viewer dialog.
10.FixedKeyboard arrows did not work in the photo thumbnail list.
11.FixedA lot of minor bugs were fixed in the Photo Viewer and Photo Geocoding dialogs.
12.FixedThe Photo Viewer dialog could be corrupted after returning from the full-screen mode.
13.FixedA photo could disappear from map after rotation.
14.FixedThe sort by name in the Track list was case-sensitive.
15.FixedThere were no leading zeroes in values of minutes and seconds in coordinates.
16.FixedThe map and timeline markers could be dragged even after the mouse button was released.
17.FixedA track could not be opened by MapSphere if its file path contained non-Latin characters.
18.FixedMapSphere could crash if the GPS Receiver Configuration dialog was closed while scanning COM-ports. This happened for example with Bluetooth GPS receivers.
19.FixedThe map download did not restart if the internet connection was broken and restored again.

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