• How to download maps for offline use?

    Maps are stored on your hard drive automatically while you are scrolling or zooming the map. Once a map is downloaded it can be used in the offline mode too (without Internet connection). The maps stay on your hard drive even after reboot.

    Also you can download maps along any path. To do this: choose Tools | Measure tool, mark a path on the map, right-click on the map and choose "Download maps along the path".

  • Where can I get detailed maps of some regions?

    The data in MapSphere is downloaded from public data sources like OpenStreetMap. We do not provide our own maps and MapSphere cannot show user maps (for example scanned images).

    If you know a good public source of such maps available via Internet we could try to create a plug-in for downloading mapping data from this site to MapSphere.

  • Why road maps seem to be blurry?

    The map resolution can be poor if there is no detailed data for the area in view. You can try to select another provider. There are several mapping data plugins on the Download page.

    A blurry view can be also caused by the MapSphere technology. The tile structure and zoom levels can vary for different map providers and MapSphere converts them to its own structure. While images are resampled they become blurry. Since the user can set any zoom in MapSphere or switch to 3D mode, the resampling occurs one more time. This is not convenient but this is a payment for universality.



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