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March 23, 2011MapSphere v.0.99 beta (build 234)
1.FeatureAdded support of 5 Hz and 10 Hz GPS receivers.
2.FeatureNew coordinates parser was implemented. More formats are now supported. A few bugs were fixed. To search a location by its coordinates enter latitude and longitude in the search field on the toolbar and press Enter.
3.ChangeThe Photo Viewer dialog was slightly redesigned. New Thumbnail Viewer dialog was implemented. Now you can view trip photos not only on the map.
4.ImprovementNow you can rotate photos in the Photo Geocoding dialog by pressing Alt + Ctrl + left (right) arrow.
5.ImprovementThere are context menus in photo dialogs. To open the page of a photo in a browser, right click on it and choose Open photo page.
6.ChangeLeft click on the map does not display menu anymore. You should use right click for the context menu.
7.ChangeThe MapSphere user interface was updated according to Microsoft guidelines.
8.ImprovementMapSphere proposes to choose another destination folder if a track file could not be saved.
9.FixedThe application crashed if a plugin DLL was not found.
10.FixedMapSphere exhausted the system resources if there was no internet connection. It crashed or hung after several hours.
11.FixedMapSphere could crash if a user attempted to log-in while there was no internet connection.
12.FixedIf the search failed the corresponding message appeared only after 20 seconds timeout. Now it is displayed immediately.
13.FixedSome long GPRMC NMEA messages could be processed incorrectly.
14.FixedSometimes a track file was not closed after open or save operations. The next operations with the file could fail.
15.FixedIf the EXIF block of a photo contained the camera orientation value, the photo could be improperly rotated in some dialogs.
16.FixedGPS auto detection could be terminated incorrectly if it displayed a message box.
17.ChangeNow a message is displayed if there were no points in a track.
18.FixedMapSphere crashed if a user attempted to open a GPX file larger than 100 MB. Now a warning message is displayed in this case.
19.FixedCtrl + F combination did not invoke the Search toolbar panel if it was previously closed.
20.FixedAuto locate did not work in the Search Results dialog if the results were taken from cache.
21.FixedAfter the file was opened or saved its folder became blocked by the system.
22.FixedMeasure tool line could be displayed incorrectly in 2D mode.
23.FixedA GPX file with multiple tracks was opened incorrectly.
24.FixedThe track length and location were wrong if it contained invalid points.
25.FixedMapSphere crashed if the area download requested too much cells. Now there is a limitation of 300,000 cells to be downloaded at once.
26.FixedIf track did not contain time information, a wrong value was displayed when inspecting track points on the map.
27.FixedThe application could crash on exit if there was no internet connection.
28.FixedGPS EPE (Estimated Position Error) was displayed in wrong measurement units. The total time value was erroneously displayed with A.M. / P.M. markers.
29.FixedA comment to a photo could be lost when the timestamp of the photo was updated.
30.FixedThere were several bugs in coordinates representation (lost minus sign, 60 for the minutes value).
31.FixedThe application crashed if the Trip Photo dialog was closed while updating the trip cover.
32.FixedIn some cases MapSphere created poor quality thumbnails.
33.FixedAfter pressing F1 key two identical browser pages could be displayed. In some other cases MapSphere reported that help file was not found.

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