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October 07, 2010MapSphere v.0.99 beta (build 220)
1.Feature MapSphere supports map images with transparency now. This can be used in data plugins with hybrid layers (satellite images + street names).
2.Feature Now you can select a trip cover in the "Trip Photos" dialog. Choose "Trip | Edit | Photos" and double-click on the cover preview.
3.Feature You can add/remove a trip to/from your favorites directly in MapSphere. Right-click on the trip in the trip list and choose "Add to Favorites" or "Remove from Favorites".
4.Feature You can use small icons on the toolbar. To change their size choose "View | Toolbars | Customize", select the "Options" tab and click on the "Large icons" checkbox.
5.Improvement The current GPS-log can be used to geotag photos of a trip. It is not necessary to save it as a track file beforehand.
6.Change The GPS-log can be directly saved as a track file (choose "GPS | Save GPS-Log..."). In the previous version it was necessary to convert it to a track first.
7.Change After selecting "Download Trip" the map is moved to the trip location. If the location was not set by the trip owner the map is positioned on the trip track.
8.Change Now the click on the photo in the "Photo Viewer" dialog is equivalent to the "Next" command. You can also use the mouse wheel to navigate through the photos.
9.Fixed Sometimes photo upload did not work properly. If the upload failed or it was interrupted, coordinates of the photo were not restored and photos themselves could be lost.
10.Fixed Sometimes already removed photos remained on the map.
11.Fixed MapSphere crashed in the "Trip Photos" dialog if the trip cover existed and some photos were removed from the trip.
12.Fixed The map was located on a photo if the user clicked on its thumbnail on the map. This was not convenient.
13.Fixed Sometimes the list of groups was not updated even after clicking on the Refresh button.
14.Fixed The fractions of a second were saved incorrectly in Magellan SD and GPX XML track formats.
15.Fixed MapSphere could crash while opening a track in the NMEA format if it contained a point with an incorrect date.
16.Fixed The status of the buttons on the "Users" pane was not updated properly.
17.Fixed During the MapSphere update process the download progress dialog showed wrong percents.
18.Fixed The error description could be wrong when a problem occurred while opening GPX or KML files.
19.Fixed The contents of the "Photo Viewer" dialog were not updated if the displayed photo was changed or removed.
20.Fixed Sometimes the photo description was not properly displayed on the map (the description of another photo was used instead).
21.Fixed The input focus disappeared from the "Main Map" window after MapSphere had connected to the MapSphere Online server. If the Auto-connect option was active this happened each time when starting the application.
22.Fixed The photo time was represented in UTC in the "Photo Viewer" dialog. Now the local time is displayed.
23.Fixed After the photo was bound to a track and the user clicked on it, it was marked as edited manually and it did not react on time correction anymore.
24.Fixed "Locate Trip" did not work in the 3D mode.
25.Fixed Sometimes MapSphere crashed due to the extensive use of threads. This happened especially when using WMS data layers (BlueMarble and LandSat 7).
26.Change Now you can copy the version information from the "About" dialog.
27.Fixed Sometimes photo descriptions were hidden by photos. Now the descriptions are drawn after photos.
28.Fixed There could be wrong messages when opening a file that did not exist anymore. Now when a file is opened from the list of the recently used tracks, MapSphere verifies that it still exists.
29.Fixed Several memory leaks were eliminated.

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