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July 30, 2010MapSphere v.0.99 beta (build 215)
1.Feature You can download maps along any path now (while in the previous version this could be only an existing track). Choose Tools | Measure Tool, mark a path on the map, right-click on the map and choose "Download maps along the path".
2.Feature Now you can choose trip data to be downloaded. Right-click on the trip in the trip list and choose "Download Trip". You will be asked whether to download chat, track, thumbnails, or large photos.
3.Improvement The trip cover is displayed in the Manage Trip Photos dialog.
4.Improvement Now you can drag photos from Windows Explorer to the list of thumbnails in the Photo Geocoding dialog.
5.Improvement The system locale settings are now supported for the number formats.
6.Change The photo background in Photo Viewer is black now.
7.Improvement The Photo Viewer dialog is synchronized with the current selection in the Photo Geocoding dialog.
8.Improvement Now MapSphere supports more NMEA messages and consequently more GPS receivers. The handlers of GPVTG and GPZDA were implemented.
9.Improvement The Area Download dialog was slightly improved. It is resizable; it saves its parameters between sessions and uses the measurement units as set in the Options dialog.
10.Improvement You can use double click in the Search dialog to center the map on the selected object.
11.Improvement The handling of track open/save was improved.
12.Fixed Chat messages were lost if the user sent them while there was no internet connection. Now a warning is displayed in this case and all such messages are sent after the connection is established again.
13.Fixed Sometimes the application did not respond when clicking it on the Windows Task bar. In other cases its system menu disappeared immediately. Now it works better although this bug happens sometimes.
14.Fixed GPX files containing several tracks were opened incorrectly.
15.Fixed Sometimes download progress was displayed incorrectly (it could show wrong percents or size) or it did not disappear after the downloading was finished.
16.Fixed Map Area Download worked incorrectly if several layers were chosen to be downloaded.
17.Fixed A number of minor bugs and inconsistencies of the user interface were fixed in trip related dialogs.
18.Fixed After the user sent photos to the MapSphere server and requested them back the duplicated photos could appear on the map.
19.Fixed Data from different sources could be mixed without need in composite mapping data layers.
20.Fixed Several track formats (NMEA, Cicerino, Magellan, and OziExplorer) could be opened incorrectly if they contained some special symbols.
21.Fixed Sometimes MapSphere crashed while uploading a track to a trip.
22.Fixed The toolbar Customize menu item did not work.
23.Fixed No photos were bound to a track if the last one could not be bound to it.
24.Fixed The user could add the same photos twice in the Photo Geocoding dialog.
25.Fixed Sometimes the proposed trip track name was incorrect when saving it to a file.
26.Fixed When opening a track in the GPS Error Measurement dialog all points of other existing tracks were added too.

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