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June 25, 2010MapSphere v.0.99 beta (build 211)
1.Feature Now you can measure distance on the map. Select the Measure tool on the toolbar.
2.Feature You can modify the preferred language of search results and the maximum number of displayed results. Select Tools | Options, Search.
3.Feature The interface of the Trip Editor dialog was updated. There are separate dialogs to manage the trip track, photos, location and other information.
4.Feature Now you can clear trip photo album and change trip name from within MapSphere application.
5.Feature While geocoding photos prepared for your trip you can drag them over the map using mouse.
6.Feature Now you can manually place photos to the map dragging their thumbnails from the Photo Geocoding dialog.
7.Feature Now it is possible to download all trip photos at once. Right click on a trip and choose "Download Trip".
8.Improvement Geocoded photos are marked by a special icon in the thumbnail list.
9.Improvement The Photo Viewer dialog can run modeless. You can click other photos on the map without closing this dialog.
10.Improvement The coordinates of the photo are displayed in the Photo Viewer dialog. You can also disable the "autolocate" function in this dialog.
11.Improvement The track preview is generated much faster now. This allows you to open tracks containing more points.
12.Improvement MapSphere provides more information about errors that can occur while downloading an update.
13.Improvement MapSphere is terminated faster now. This reduces the probability to get the "application is already running" message while updating or restarting MapSphere.
14.Improvement The search takes less time now because its cache was optimized.
15.Fixed It was not possible to view more than 5 photos located at one point.
16.Fixed MapSphere worked very slowly if the mapping data download was turned off.
17.Fixed Trip photos could not be uploaded to the server if one of them already had a proper size.
18.Fixed Sometimes the automatic detection of GPS terminated incorrectly.
19.Fixed Sometimes chat messages were not displayed in the chat window.
20.Fixed GPS log was not saved correctly on exit.
21.Fixed The maps of different data providers were mixed in the map window when using multiple mapping data layers.
22.Fixed Now filenames are not modified when the file filter is changed.
23.Fixed If a full path was specified in the Track Open dialog with quotes the file could not be opened.
24.Fixed The estimated size of requested photos was displayed incorrectly if a large photo was requested one more time.

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