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May 28, 2010MapSphere v.0.99 beta (build 207)
1.Feature New search plugin was implemented. It uses GeoNames service to search populated places and geographical objects like mountains, lakes, parks. You can use your native language in search requests.
2.Improvement All search plugins (GeoNames, Geocoder.US, and Yahoo! Maps) are now described on the Help page. To see it, press F1 in MapSphere.
3.Feature New dialog was introduced to display search results. Now MapSphere can process and locate several found items.
4.Feature You can change the information concerning your trip in the new Trip Editor dialog. Choose "Trip | Edit".
5.Feature Now you can assign any track to your trip and share it with other users. To do this you need to upload a track to the MapSphere server. Choose "Track | Upload" in Trip Editor.
6.Feature You can set the location of your trip in Trip Editor. Other users can see the location of your trip by double-clicking on its name in the Trip pane.
7.Change You can upload photos to your trip via Trip Editor only. This item was removed from the Trip pane.
8.Feature The list of the most recently used tracks is now available in the File menu.
9.Feature Now you can view the list of your favorite trips on the Trips pane.
10.Improvement After the Photo Geocoding dialog is finished you are notified about the number of selected photos and their approximate size (just before the uploading starts).
11.Improvement The user interface of track selection was improved in the Photo Geocoding dialog.
12.Change The list of newly added trips is limited to the last 2 weeks only. Previously it showed all trips for the last 100 days.
13.Improvement A proper file extension is automatically appended when saving track files.
14.Improvement The progress of downloading photos is now indicated.
15.Improvement If an error occurs while loading/saving tracks, the message window provides more details on its possible cause.
16.Fixed The Photo Geocoding dialog did not show any warning message if user exited the MapSphere application.
17.Fixed MapSphere could hang or work incorrectly while uploading and downloading photos if the internet connection terminated or was unstable.
18.Fixed The "Online | Save Current Online Track" did not work for trip tracks.
19.Fixed In some cases the mapping data update (forced by the user) could lead to a crash.
20.Fixed After the track opening (or saving) operation was cancelled, the subsequent open/save operations failed.
21.Fixed The Photo Geocoding dialog hung for several seconds after adding a large number of photos. Now it works faster.
22.Fixed Sometimes thumbnails were not displayed on the map even after they were downloaded.

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