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October 19, 2007MapSphere v.0.94 beta (build 114)
1.Feature New "Track-Up" mode is available for GPS navigation. In this mode the map is automatically turned to keep the direction pointer oriented up.
2.Feature The GPS speed is displayed in the bottom right corner of the map window.
3.Feature New information panes. The Internet pane displays the traffic counter, the number of active internet connections, and the average download speed. In GPS navigation mode the GPS pane shows the current speed and the trip odometer.
4.Feature The appearance of online tracks (these are the tracks of other MapSphere Online users) was improved. Different segments of a track are displayed in different colors. Their drawing style was adjusted to make them better visible on the map. The rendering speed was increased for large tracks.
5.Feature You can inspect the online track points on the map to see their date and time. Note: in this version they are displayed in UTC!
6.Improvement The text of license agreement is available from the application (use "Help | License Agreement" menu item).
7.Improvement There is a link to the MapSphere web-site in the About dialog.
8.Improvement During automatic update the total progress indicator is displayed. You can also see the size of the file that is being currently downloaded.
9.Improvement The internet traffic counter is more precise now, especially when the data blocks are small.
10.Improvement GPS output is filtered to exclude some obviously wrong or duplicated points.
11.Bugfix Fractions of a second were not taken into account for GPS logs.
12.Bugfix Better protection from crash when wrong NMEA messages are received from GPS.
13.Bugfix There could be wrong elevation values for several points at the beginning of the GPS log.
14.Bugfix If the internet connection was broken, some threads were not terminated correctly. After reconnect the data downloading could be blocked.
15.Bugfix The map appearance in 2D was wrong near the W180 longitude on low-detailed zoom levels.
16.Bugfix The automatic updates couldn't be started in some cases.

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