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November 11, 2007MapSphere v.0.95 beta (build 118)
1.Feature The MapSphere Online web-site was launched. You can manage your contacts there and create your own communities.
2.Feature There are a lot of design and functional changes for the Online pane in MapSphere. The most significant of them are listed below.
3.Feature Private messages can now be sent at any time, even if the recipient is currently offline. They will be delivered at the beginning of his/her next MapSphere Online session.
4.Feature When you click on a community, the last 10 messages are displayed in the chat window. If there are more messages in the community, you will be able to download them, too.
5.Feature You can manage tabs in the chat window. To keep a tab permanently, you need to click on the corresponding checkbox in the contact list.
6.Feature The current user statuses are displayed in the contact list. They are "offline", "online", "online with GPS",
"not from the contact list", and some others.
7.Feature You can click the user on the map to get access to some related functions - select, follow, add to contact list, and so on.
8.Feature You can see all GPS positions (including those that were marked as bad by the filter) by pressing
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + <L>.
9.Feature There is Online/Offline indicator on the status bar.
10.Improvement The GPS filtration parameters were slightly adjusted.
11.Improvement New sophisticated "Track up" algorithm was implemented. It starts the map rotation only after the motion becomes stabilized and straight.
12.Improvement Lines for tracks and GPS log were made smoother.
13.Improvement The online track line is made connected to the current position of the tracked user.
14.Change The message timestamps in the chat window mean the time when the message was sent while in the previous version they denoted the receipt time.
15.Bugfix The contact list was not cleared when the user clicked on the Disconnect button.
16.Bugfix Automatic map scrolling did not work in the 3D mode.
17.Bugfix Sometimes the GPS cursor and the line of its track disconnected from each other.
18.Bugfix Sometimes application crashed when the online tracks were displayed on the large scale map.
19.Bugfix The frames in the Overview map windows flickered when the size of the Main map window was changed.
20.Bugfix Fixed NMEA messages parsing and initialization of corresponding parameters.

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