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October 03, 2007MapSphere v.0.94 beta (build 111)
1.Feature Dynamic Track Publishing. When you are authorized in MapSphere Online and a GPS receiver is attached to MapSphere your GPS track is sent to the server and stored there. Your friends are able to see your track in real time or afterwards (even if you are offline). The tracks are displayed in 2D mode only.
2.Feature Global Chat. Now all online users may communicate in a single chat group called Global. Everyone see everyone's messages. The user-to-user messages can be found under the Personal tab and the system messages are placed under the Server tab.
3.Feature Global Odometer. It indicates how much kilometers were driven with MapSphere Online and GPS active. This number is accumulated from all MapSphere users. The indicator is located in the status bar at the bottom right corner.
4.Feature Internet Traffic Counter. The amount of mapping data received by MapSphere from remote servers during one session is displayed in the Information Pane.
5.Change The way of connecting to the server was Changed. Now you will be denied to connect to MapSphere Online from several computers simultaneously using the same account.
6.Improvement The chat tabs blink when new messages are received. If the application is minimized in this moment, it becomes blinking on the Windows task bar.
7.Improvement Faster connect to the server and faster contact list downloading.
8.Improvement The map scale is not Changed when the bottom pane is being hidden.
9.Improvement There is a button in the bottom pane to hide it in the same manner as double-clicking on its title bar.
10.Improvement The Escape key could be used to move the focus to the Main Map window.
11.Improvement You can toggle between the current and the previous data layers using +.
12.Bugfix There could be wrong date in some track points in GPS logs and tracks due to mistake in the time-zone correction.
13.Bugfix The application could hang if the USB connection to GPS was physically terminated.

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