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May 4, 2010MapSphere v.0.99 beta (build 204)
1.Feature The usability of selecting and uploading photos to a MapSphere trip was improved.
2.Feature You do not need to wait until all photos are resized to start binding them to a track.
3.Improvement Photos are resized faster now. This operation is performed directly during uploading. As a result, the total process takes significantly less time.
4.Feature While selecting photos of a trip you can add photos from several folders.
5.Feature Now you can select a track to do photo geo-referencing. It can be the trip track, your online track, or track opened locally from the hard disk.
6.Change MapSphere does not use an external photo viewer anymore. Now photos can be viewed directly in MapSphere.
7.Improvement MapSphere can rotate photos automatically using the information about the camera orientation from the JPEG EXIF block (if present).
8.Improvement After selecting "Show Photos on Map" thumbnails become available faster. In the previous version they appeared on the map only after all downloads completed.
9.Feature The mapping data in the main window can now be reloaded from the server. Use Maps | Refresh map or <Ctrl> + <F5>.
10.Improvement Saving tracks to GPX file is now faster and the progress indicator is more consistent.
11.Improvement For "Blue Marble Next Generation" and "Landsat 7" MapSphere now uses NASA OnEarth Tiled WMS server. It works faster and stable. In the previous version the standard WMS requests were often rejected due to the JPL WMS server limitations.
12.Fixed Groups and trips were not updated after pressing the Refresh button.
13.Fixed Uploading of a large number of photos usually failed.
14.Fixed After deleting a data provider, the Overview and Detailed maps could be updated incorrectly.
15.Fixed A wrong data blinked on the map when map pane was resized.
16.Fixed A wrong data could be displayed on the map after pressing <Ctrl> + <Tab>.

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