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March 14, 2008MapSphere v.0.96 beta (build 134)
1.Feature Three new data layers were added. These are OpenStreetMap based on vector data and Microsoft Live Search Maps (Road and Aerial view).
2.Feature You can select your vehicle type or status while traveling with GPS. Other users will see this status on the map as a special icon.
3.Feature The coordinates can be displayed in different formats now (use the "Tools | Options" menu item, the General settings).
4.Feature Now there are two trip odometers. One of them is kept between MapSphere sessions and the second displays the distance traveled during the current session.
5.Feature Now you can see the personal chat history for each contact in the list.
6.Improvement Chat messages are cached on the disk and you don't have to download them from server each time.
7.Improvement Now you can postpone the uploading of photos to the community. It will continue at the beginning of the next MapSphere Online session.
8.Improvement The total size of the selected photos is displayed before uploading.
9.Change The user name is displayed in all chat windows instead of "You".
10.Change The envelope icon is displayed in the contact list when there are new messages from this user or in this community.
11.Change The time of the online track points is displayed in the local time of your computer instead of UTC.
12.Change The latitude correction algorithm in 2D was adjusted for a better look.
13.Change MapSphere is automatically connected to the GPS receiver after the settings are done. There was an additional confirmation message in the previous release.
14.Fixed The photos were uploaded to the MapSphere Online site with their original size. Now the resized (smaller) pictures are used.
15.Fixed When the user tried to upload photos without internet connection the login dialog was erroneously displayed.
16.Fixed The font in the chat callouts was not comfortably readable.
17.Fixed When the connection with GPS was broken the warning message box appeared twice.
18.Fixed In some cases the proper COM-port was not selected after auto-detection finished.
19.Fixed The (0, 0) point could pass the GPS position filter if it was the first point obtained from the GPS receiver.
20.Fixed The track was displayed over the ruler on the map.
21.Fixed The online tracks could be cached in a wrong directory or not cached properly. Thus, the track was downloaded again in the next MapSphere session.

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