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February 15, 2008MapSphere v.0.96 beta (build 129)
1.Feature GPS Status visibility. Now users are able to setup their GPS visibility to others. When you start sending your GPS positions, you have three options:
  • Your position and name are visible to everyone.
  • Your position is visible, but others see you as an anonymous user.
  • You are not visible in the GPS mode to anyone except of your contacts.
2.Feature Chat privacy. Now you can setup chat restrictions. Two options are available: everybody can send you a message or your contacts only.
3.Feature Now the speed of users with GPS receivers is displayed in the map window.
4.Feature The text rendering and readability was significantly improved (especially on a bright background).
5.Feature The Options dialog is now available. Now it contains just a few options but it will be extended later.
6.Feature The measurement units (metric or US) can be selected in the Options dialog.
7.Feature The information that user enters while selecting photos for a community is automatically saved to a hard disk. It is restored in the case of failure.
8.Improvement The offline contacts are displayed as gray dots on the map in case they were online with GPS in the previous two days. Their last visit time is also displayed.
9.Improvement The visibility of the online user positions on low scales was improved. Now they are visible even on white maps.
10.Improvement The photo navigation controls (back and forward) fit the screen and easier to access.
11.Improvement The photo preview dialog does not block the application.
12.Improvement The comments are now displayed in the photo preview dialog.
13.Improvement The Global MapSphere Online GPS odometer is available offline.
14.Improvement The chat window text is scrolling to be comfortably visible when the size of the Online Pane is changed.
15.Change The number of previous messages that are downloaded by a single request is 20 instead of 10. Now you can access the chat history faster.
16.Fixed For some GPS units the position update was irregular.
17.Fixed The ruler scale was not precise. The deviations could exceed 5%.
18.Fixed The user inspection order was not correct. Now it is easier to get the information about the user you are pointing to.

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