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February 01, 2008MapSphere v.0.96 beta (build 127)
1.Feature The dates of chat messages are displayed in the chat window.
2.Feature Now it is possible to view all photos that are bound to the same track point or to the very close ones. After you have clicked on a track point, the Back and Forward buttons appear below thumbnails (if there are more than 5 photos).
3.Improvement The thumbnails got more reliable cache storage and faster downloading routine. Also thumbnails internet traffic is displayed in information window now.
4.Improvement The thumbnail size was increased.
5.Improvement Now the user gets more information about photo uploading progress and can continue uploading after restarting MapSphere.
6.Improvement The online tracks and photos remain visible on the map even if the connection with the server is poor or temporarily lost.
7.Fixed The last GPS position of a user (the grey ball icon) couldn't be inspected.
8.Fixed If reading EXIF time failed then the last modification time is used as a timestamp for uploaded photo.
9.Fixed There could appear duplicated messages in chat window after Refresh was done.
10.Fixed The chat tab could disappear after the Esc key is pressed.
11.Fixed The application could crash if it was terminated while thumbnails for community photos were being downloaded.
12.Fixed Online track could be inspected incorrectly on large scales.
13.Fixed Now the chat message time is displayed with the current system locale.

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