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December 17, 2007MapSphere v.0.95 beta (build 120)
1.Feature Vertical and horizontal rulers can be displayed on the map window in 2D mode (use View | Rulers menu item).
2.Feature The distance from the cursor to the current GPS position is displayed in the GPS tab.
3.Feature The data copyrights can be displayed in the bottom of the map window (if available). You can look at the corresponding license or terms of use of the currently displayed data by clicking on the copyright link.
4.Improvement It is possible for plugin developers to specify several rectangles and zoom levels in the data layer settings file to denote data coverage.
5.Improvement GPS device states were introduced. If the GPS connection is broken, a warning message box appears.
6.Improvement Some additional procedures were added to verify the validity of position coordinates returned by GPS.
7.Fixed The update of GPS date and time was not correct near 0:00 (UTC).
8.Fixed The map display became disabled after some actions such as locking/unlocking the computer, or when a Windows Vista firewall message was displayed.

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