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August 29, 2007MapSphere v.0.93 beta (build 102)
1.Feature Automatic downloading of mapping data for an area along tracks.
2.Feature Automatic application updates.
3.Change Now you can use only one geo-link in each chat message. When you press the Locate button, MapSphere remembers the coordinates and then appends them to the end of the message.
4.Change The Online tab window title now contains your screen name only when MapSphere is connected to the server.
5.Improvement The map can be infinitely scrolled along the equator in 2D mode.
6.Bugfix The GPS Settings dialog hung if it was terminated before GPS auto-detection finished.
7.Bugfix There was a wrong data representation near the world borders in 2D mode.
8.Bugfix The map scrolling was skewed in 2D mode if the map was rotated.
9.Bugfix Sometimes the application crashed when an address search was performed without internet connection.

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