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August 10, 2007MapSphere v.0.92 beta (build 101)
1.Feature Virtual geocaching.
2.Feature The parameters of current view (camera position, 2D/3D mode, data layer) are saved between sessions.
3.Feature The found GPS is automatically selected in the COM-ports list.
4.Feature The maps downloading can be disabled. Use the "Toggle Downloading" button on the "Mapping Data Layers" toolbar.
5.Feature +<0> (zero) can be used to invoke the "Mapping Data Layers" dialog.
6.Feature There are timestamps for each message in the chat window.
7.Feature Your current coordinates (mark point) can be sent to another user as a link. It is inserted to the edit field when you click the "Locate" button.
8.Feature You can tie yourself to a user from your contact list and repeat his or her movements.
9.Feature The http and ftp links are supported in the chat window. Click on a link to open it in a browser window.
10.Improvement GPS log is handled more robustly to prevent its corruption after sudden shutdown.
11.Update Minor changes in the application resources.
12.Bugfix Two versions of MapSphere could make undesirable GUI settings sharing.
13.Bugfix Sometimes an existing COM-port was not displayed in the list.
14.Bugfix The default GPS plugin couldn't attached correctly from another directory.
15.Bugfix For + shortcuts the number was not coordinated with the layer number after reordering.
16.Bugfix Possible crash after the currently selected user was disconnected.
17.Bugfix Contact list was not properly Updated in some cases after reconnect.
18.Bugfix The application could crash during frequent window resizing.

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