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August 29, 2007

Area downloading in new release of MapSphere


Usually it is not effective to download a mapping data on the way since the wireless internet connection can be unstable providing not enough performance for this. Now there is a way to prepare all required data layers using wide-band connection before viewing them. This method can also be used to prepare data for your trip in advance.

In the current version, you will need to have a track or tracks along which you want to get the data. You choose the area around the tracks and mark layers of your interest. It is also necessary to limit the maximum resolution since the high-resolution raster mapping data (maps or satellite images) takes a lot of space. After clicking the Start button, the process of area downloading starts. It can be long enough, but you will be able to continue working with MapSphere at the same time.

The new version also contains the possibility to perform automatic updates of the application itself. For the list of new features, click here.

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