MapSphere GPS Logger Help

MapSphere GPS Logger is a small iPad app that allows you to record the GPS track of your journey and upload it to MapSphere Online.

NOTE: all trips are public in MapSphere.

How to use

  1. When you start traveling, run MapSphere GPS Logger on your iPad.
  2. Tap the Start Recording button.
  3. Now you can switch to other apps or put the iPad to sleep. The app will run in background mode and collect GPS data during your trip.
  4. If you do not want to record a part of the trip tap the Stop Recording button. Do not forget to resume it again.
  5. After you return back from your trip, run MapSphere GPS Logger and tap the Stop Recording button.
  6. Upload the recorded GPS track to MapSphere Online by taping the Upload to MapSphere button. You should have an Internet connection (Wi-Fi is recommended).
  7. Enter your MapSphere username and password.
    If you do not have a MapSphere account, register on MapSphere Online.
  8. Choose a target trip from the list or create a new one by taping Create new trip button.
  9. For a new trip you need to type its title and a short description. You can also modify the proposed time of start and finish of your trip.
  10. Tap the Done button and wait until the GPS track is uploaded.

After that you can add photos to your trip and enjoy them in MapSphere Trip & Photo Viewer on your iPad.


  • MapSphere GPS Logger stores all recorded tracks in GPX in the app directory. You can extract them with iTunes.
  • If you do not want to upload recorded GPS track, you can delete it by taping Settings button at the right bottom corner and select Remove All Data.
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