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July 24, 2012MapSphere v.1.01 beta (build 261)
1.FeatureNow you can upload photos with higher resolutions to MapSphere site. Along with old resolution 1024x768 you can also choose 1536x1152 or 2048x1536 in the Photo Geocoding dialog.
2.FeatureMapSphere tries to automatically reconnect GPS if the connection was broken due to some reason.
3.ChangeThe Pause button was removed from the Area Download Progress dialog.
4.ChangeThe "OpenStreetMap (Osmarender) - Map" layer is not supported by its provider anymore. This layer is excluded from MapSphere setup.
5.FixedFixed some rare errors in writing GPX XML files.
6.FixedMeters/feet were mixed in Options.
7.FixedSometimes the contents of Geocaches list disappeared after applying "Restore default layout" command.
8.FixedA GPX file could remain blocked by MapSphere if reading its contents failed.
9.FixedFixed some memory leaks and possible crashes.

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