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March 17, 2009MapSphere v.0.97 beta (build 161)
1.Feature New OpenStreetMap themes were added ("Osmarender" and "Cycle Map"). The old one corresponds to "Mapnik". See http://openstreetmap.org (the OpenStreetMap site) for details.
2.Feature The hill shading theme for Microsoft LiveSearch Maps was added to MapSphere data layers.
3.Feature MapSphere can load tracks in OziExplorer .plt file format now.
4.Change The last chosen data layer is stored in the registry instead of an XML file.
5.Change Checksum is not ignored in GPRMC and PMGNTRK messages in NMEA or Magellan track files.
6.Fixed The application could overload the processor resources if there were problems with data download.
7.Fixed The map cells adjacent to one of the poles were not displayed for some data plugins (like OpenStreetMap). Now such cells are formed using the existing data and the uncovered areas are filled with a pattern.
8.Fixed Local paths could be saved to data settings file incorrectly on Windows Vista.
9.Fixed The application could start slowly if there was no internet connection.
10.Fixed Memory leaks were excluded in some data plugins and mapping data handling.
11.Fixed The start and finish time was not correct in the GPS Position Error Measurement report.
12.Fixed The double-click on the map didn't work in the previous release. Now it zooms in the map in the specified point.
13.Fixed The time tolerance was too small in GPS fix handling. This could cause problems with some GPS devices.

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