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December 27, 2008MapSphere v.0.97 beta (build 155)
1.Feature New "GPS Status" window is available in right-bottom ("Information") pane. It shows the GPS satellites position and activity.
2.Feature New interface of GPS plugins was introduced. Its API is available for developers by request.
3.Feature Added support of Cicerino (Rodranner) tracker log-file format (http://www.roadpoint.ro).
4.Feature Tracks can be saved in the Magellan NMEA format (PMGNTRK).
5.Feature Now the index file for data layer is created if it is absent. This makes creating offline data layers easier.
6.Feature You can play back the trip in the community (track and photos). To do this, right-click on the community and choose "Replay". Note that this feature is still being developed and can be unstable. It is provided for preview purposes only.
7.Improvement The <Ctrl> + <F> can be used for searching.
8.Improvement "Technical Support" menu item was activated.
9.Change Now unknown users are grouped together in the map local menu.
10.Fixed Now the cached track is cleared if its time differs from that of the server. This can help to fix the problem when the MapSphere server receives incorrect point from a GPRS tracker.
11.Fixed Sometimes new messages were not displayed immediately in the active chat tab.
12.Fixed Corrected double-click action on the map.

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