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August 19, 2008MapSphere v.0.97 beta (build 147)
1.Feature Now you can manually adjust photo positions on the map before uploading them to the server.
2.Feature New "tracker" mode was introduced for internet traffic economy (in roaming, with a poor GPRS connection, etc). It can be activated on the "Options | Online" page. MapSphere will send only the minimum required information to the server. Note. In this mode you will not be able to see other online users.
3.Improvement The speed of 2D/3D rendering engine was improved.
4.Improvement A cache for names of online users was introduced. The cached user names are displayed faster (without requesting the server).
5.Improvement Now MapSphere restores the state of tabs in the Online pane from the previous session.
6.Improvement The memory allocation of GPX track points was optimized. Also waypoint and track point attributes don't take extra memory if they are not specified. Now the GPX files processing works faster and takes less memory (which is most noticeable on large tracks).
7.Improvement Now the image file format is detected faster and safer by the first bytes of the file. This is useful for data plugins and layers that works with several image formats or when the server response can be not an image (for example HTML or XML file).
8.Improvement More countermeasures against corrupted points in the restored GPS log were introduced. Note. These points can appear after the application was unexpectedly terminated.
9.Feature The mouse double-click zooms the map in and centers it on the clicked point.
10.Change Options pages were renamed. The Privacy options were moved to a separate page, and all others formed the Online General page.
11.Change Now it is possible to make a geo reference for photos using the community track.
12.Change The placement of some MRU (most recently used) elements were corrected in the registry. For example the search results will not be lost during the application update.
13.Fixed Some OpenStreetMap tiles were not loaded due to a wrong server prefix. In some other cases the server prefixes were incorrectly calculated leading to performance losses.
14.Fixed MapSphere could crash when the user switched between layers that shared some data files.
15.Fixed The current camera position marker and the visible area frame were missed in the Overview map in the previous release.
16.Fixed The data downloading could be stopped for a long time if there were problems with some map tiles. Now the waiting time is limited by approximately 40 seconds. Also such tiles are marked as currently unavailable and thus they are not requested further.
17.Fixed MapSphere could crash on exit due to incorrect timeline destruction.
18.Fixed In some rare cases MapSphere could act unpredictably while checking for new updates.
19.Fixed There could be a wrong distance displayed for the offline tracks. Now non-valid points are not taken into account in the distance calculation.
20.Fixed The application could crash when displaying some tracks (for example if all the points were at the same location). This could also lead to a problem with the restored GPS log (thanks Johan van der Spuy for reporting this bug).
21.Fixed Some line gaps could appear on the tracks on low zoom levels. These gaps actually correspond to long time intervals between two adjacent track points. Now the track segments are joined in most cases.
22.Fixed There could be problems with non-Latin symbols in the names of favorite places and in photo titles and comments.
23.Fixed After the network was disconnected and reconnected again MapSphere proposed to upload suspended photos. Now it is done only on the next login to the server performed by the user.
24.Fixed The chat tab became blinking (indicating new messages) if the user opened several of them too fast.

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