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June 27, 2008MapSphere v.0.97 beta (build 142)
1.Change The MapSphere Online server IP address was changed. Now it is Please keep patience while DNS tables are being updated.
2.Improvement Now the GPS status button invokes the popup menu like the "small triangle" button does.
3.Improvement Now the Magellan track files are opened much faster.
4.Fixed The "Register" menu item was not enabled.
5.Fixed The "Add to contacts" menu item was enabled when you were not logged in.
6.Fixed The position fix got a wrong milliseconds value in case of integer time value in $PMGNTRK sentence (in the Magellan track format).
7.Fixed Fixed memory leaks in the map local menu.
8.Fixed The application could crash when double-clicking outside an item in the track list.

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