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April 28, 2008MapSphere v.0.97 beta (build 140)
1.Feature Now MapSphere supports Unicode. This mainly concerns the chat window where you got the possibility to type and read messages on different languages.
2.Change Now MapSphere uses Microsoft DirectX 9.0c. If you don't have this version installed, please follow this link.
3.Feature You can save the current map view as a location for your community. Other users will be able to locate this community by double-clicking on it in the contact list.
4.Feature Now chat may be geo-referenced to tracks in the same manner as photos. This works both for personal chat and community chat. You need to right-click in the contact list and select "Show chat on map" command.
5.Feature Now it's possible to set the categories of users to be displayed on the map. You can view all users, or your contacts only, or users with the real (GPS) position only. The option is available in the Options dialog ("Online | Users" page).
6.Feature Now you can find a location by its coordinates. They should be typed in the search bar. In this case the search provider is ignored.
7.Improvement Now the chat messages on the map can be displayed as multi-line text.
8.Improvement When you call the "Locate" command for users or for positions marked in the chat, the map can be zoomed to a larger scale if necessary.
9.Improvement Now there is the Option button on the toolbar. The currently selected options page is saved between calls of the Options dialog.
10.Improvement Now the right mouse click on the map invokes the local menu for users.
11.Change Now there is the Refresh button for the contact list. The Add contact button was removed. You can add a user to your contacts by right-clicking on his/her icon and choosing the proper command.
12.Change The number of currently visible users is not displayed now.
13.Change The most of MapSphere components were updated to newer versions. This can lead to some instability in this version but we will try to overcome these issues as soon as possible.
14.Fixed The envelope icon could be missed in the contact list even if there were unread messages.
15.Fixed There were no track icons for communities. The status of track visibility was not set-up correctly.

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