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April 15, 2008MapSphere v.0.96 beta (build 137)
1.Feature The Welcome screen is displayed on the MapSphere start-up. There you can enter into the Tutorial mode to make your first steps in MapSphere.
2.Feature One of overview maps was replaced by a more detailed view. It displays the location around the center of the main map with a larger scale.
3.Feature Now you can limit the visibility of your GPS position to the members of the selected community. This is useful for games and private parties.
4.Feature Now communities may have tracks. The owner of the community should setup track time on the community page. The segment of the owner's track that is limited by the specified time period will be used as the community track.
5.Change Now GPS users send their GPS positions continuously, instead of sending virtual camera coordinates.
6.Change After the "Show Track" is clicked the map does not jump to the track location.
7.Change The color scheme of the chat window was slightly changed.
8.Change The zoom + and - buttons on the toolbar change the scale by 2 instead of 1.1.
9.Improvement When you are trying to chat with a user that has disabled anonymous chat, the server adds the text of your message to the response.
10.Improvement More commands are available in the map menu for online users. The appearance of the context menu in the contact list was also corrected.
11.Fixed Some segments of the online tracks were not displayed on the map.
12.Fixed The message about that the connection with the server became broken was displayed in the chat window.
Now the message box is displayed instead.
13.Fixed In some cases personal messages were not delivered properly.
14.Fixed Some community messages could be missed in the chat window.
15.Fixed The order of inspection of track points and users was wrong.
16.Fixed The user names could be displayed incorrectly in case of poor connection.
17.Fixed GPS status icons could be wrong.
18.Fixed The GPS connection subsystem could hang MapSphere if a zero symbol was received from GPS.
19.Fixed The precision of coordinate's representation was not enough in the "Degrees, Minutes, Seconds" format.
20.Fixed The precision of the displayed distance was not enough.

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