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January 17, 2008MapSphere v.0.96 beta (build 124)
1.Feature Now you can upload photos directly from the MapSphere application to a community on the MapSphere Online site. Other users will get the possibility to view them in MapSphere. You can supply each photo with title and comment and rotate it if necessary. The resizing and uploading are performed automatically.
2.Feature The photos can be georeferenced using your online track. In other words, each of them will have geographical coordinates and it will be associated with some point on the track.
3.Feature You can view photos that were uploaded to MapSphere Online by other users. To do this you need to select the proper community and click the Download images button.
4.Feature You can view your own online track by selecting the "GPS | Show my online track" menu item. Note: you have to be online while doing this.
5.Feature You can convert your online track to the ordinary MapSphere track (and then save it to GPX file for example). Use the "GPS | Convert my online track" menu item.
6.Feature When clicking on the user name link in the chat window, his/her name is inserted to the text of the next message.
7.Feature The context menu was added to the Contact list (right click on the contact or community name). It made some operations more convenient: add/remove a user from contact list, view user's page, track, or location.
8.Feature You can refresh the list of contacts and communities without reconnection.
9.Feature To view your page on the MapSphere Online site, click on the My Page button in the Online tab.
10.Improvement The performance of the chat window was improved and its flickering was reduced. It also concerns the behavior of "Download the previous messages" link.
11.Change The automatic update process was changed to avoid some messages from the system firewall.
12.Change Now you need to use your Username instead of e-mail (unified with the MapSphere Online site) when connecting to MapSphere Online from MapSphere.
13.Fixed Sometimes the community message counter doubled.
14.Fixed The chat window and contact list were not cleared completely if you disconnected from the MapSphere Online server and then connected again.
15.Fixed MapSphere did not inform on the broken GPS connection if USB or Bluetooth GPS receiver was detached from the port.
16.Fixed The user had to wait a minute when connecting to the MapSphere Online server after reentering the application.

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