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February 05, 2010

New MapSphere Online site and new release


After a long period MapSphere is returning back! We spent the last year to revise some MapSphere fundamentals and to prepare a basis for future development.

The main innovation is the concepts of Trips and Groups that replaced former Communities. Groups are intended for people who want to restrict the circle of users that can track and watch them in MapSphere. Groups can also be used for discussions because they have got blogs and separate chats.

MapSphere "Trip" is a trip in its very general meaning. That can be a journey, a walk, a ride, or a voyage. Any trip can contain blog, chat, photo album and tracks. If you travel with MapSphere other users can watch how your trip is going in real-time.

We hope that application became more stable and its user interface became more structured. The most time-consuming operation (uploading and downloading photos) is performed much faster.

We also invite you to our new MapSphere Online site. It was completely rebuilt. Now it works faster and provides a lot of new possibilities concerning Trips and Groups.

Old versions of MapSphere do not support new features and they are partly functional now. We recommend you to upgrade it to the new version as soon as possible. Choose Help | Check for Updates in the MapSphere application or click here to download the full installation set.

For the whole list of changes, click here.

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