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May 03, 2008

We are looking for sources of maps and satellite data


MapSphere can be easily extended to display different kind of data. Thus, we are looking for various sources of maps, satellite images, or other mapping data (especially public domain or free) to be attached to MapSphere.

Please inform us by e-mail: info(at) if you know such data sources. We will extend MapSphere to support this data. Such MapSphere extensions are performed by means of so-called plugins that supply the access to data sources that are not originally supported by MapSphere.

There can be different ways of cooperation:

  • Public domain or free data sources
    We can create a plugin to attach data from "public-domain" or "free-use" sources on the Web.
  • Data hosting
    If you have some mapping data that is not available on-line, we can consider the possibility of providing its hosting on the MapSphere servers. The data will be accessible to all users of the MapSphere application.
  • Geodata viewer
    You can be interesting in a viewer for your data. In this case you will need only a plugin that reads the data in your format, and MapSphere will perform visualization and navigation. You will be able to use MapSphere with such plugin for your own purposes. The data can be distributed in the offline mode (on CD- or DVD-ROMs) or through the Web.
  • Demo maps or satellite images
    If you want to advertise your proprietary data available on the Web, you can grant the access to some layers, zoom-levels, or parts of it to MapSphere.
  • Limited access
    You can also introduce a subscription to your proprietary data and restrict the access to the data for non-registered users. MapSphere will work in collaboration with your server through a special plugin.
  • We are open for other proposals and ideas

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