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January 17, 2008

Geocode and post photos to MapSphere Online automatically


A photograph can be associated with a geographical location using a GPS track. Thus we get a so-called geocoded image. In new version of MapSphere this process can be done automatically. First, you select the photos to be uploaded. You can optionally supply them with titles and comments. If the image orientation is wrong it can be rotated in the same dialog window.

On the next step the selected photos are bind to a track. Currently, only your own online track can be used for this operation. The correct timezone for the digital camera clock should be specified (note that for track points the UTC time is applied). Since the date and time clocks of both the GPS unit and the digital camera can be not accurately synchronized beforehand, it may be necessary to make a fine time correction.

After you click on the "Show on Map" button, you will see your photos georeferenced. If there are some deviations between photos and their actual position on the map, you can setup supposed time offset and make geocoding again. Once you are satisfied with geocoding accuracy, you can start uploading to one of the communities of the MapSphere Online site.

Other users will see your photos on the map window in MapSphere if they select the proper community and click "Download Photos".

There are some other changes and bug fixed mainly concerning the Online tab.

For the list of new features, click here.

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