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December 07, 2007

We need volunteers to help us to improve MapSphere


We are seeking for volunteers and enthusiasts who can either test MapSphere, or write new plugins for MapSphere, or promote MapSphere in GPS, mapping, and other communities.

MapSphere doesn't restrict its development within certain limits.
It is open for ideas and suggestions.
Just use MapSphere - in your real life and for your own needs.
We are interesting in your opinion and feedback.

There are a lot of data available in the internet - local and worldwide, general and specific, satellite imagery and raster maps. We made writing data plugins for MapSphere as easy as possible but they can still use the full power of MapSphere for data handling. We are interesting in new plugins that will support different data.

MapSphere has a solid knowledge and technology background, but now it makes only the first public steps. Let others know about MapSphere and all together we will make it better.

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