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How to set up GS-TRAQ TR-203 for using with MapSphere

  1. Download and install TR-203 ConfigTool application.
  2. Connect the tracker to your computer. If its driver is not present in the system, install it from the accompanying CD-ROM.
  3. Switch on the tracker by holding its power button for several seconds. After that shortly press the button one more time to attach the tracker to PC. In this mode the SOS button is lighted.
  4. Start "TR-203 ConfigTool". Click "Scan" to detect COM-port and then click "Start". You will see a text protocol of data exchange in the bottom left corner of the window.
  5. Download a configuration file and open it in the application (click "Load from file").
  6. Specify APN, Username, and Password of your mobile provider on the "Communication" tab.
  7. Save your changes by clicking "Save to device".
  8. Disconnect the tracker from your computer. Restart the tracker.
  9. To register the tracker on MapSphere site you will need to know its IMEI code. It is written on the back cover of your device.
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