MapSphere Trip & Photo Viewer Help

MapSphere Trip & Photo Viewer is an application for iPad that allows you to easily watch photos from MapSphere Online.


  • Tap on photo to show or hide controls.
  • Double tap on photo to zoom in and center a photo.
  • Pinch open to zoom in on a photo (pinch close to zoom out after).
  • Shake to reload random photos on the main screen.

How to use

You can make your own photo album devoted to your trip. To do this:
  1. Go travelling and take some wonderful photos. It would be also nice to store a GPS track of your journey. MapSphere GPS Logger for iPad can help.
  2. Register in MapSphere Online.
  3. Create your own trip. MapSphere "trip" is a collection of photos, GPS tracks and trip notes about your voyage, walk, or journey.
    How to create a trip in MapSphere.
Then login your MapSphere account and enjoy your photos on the iPad.
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