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February 25, 2010MapSphere v.0.98 beta (build 178)
1.Feature Now you can select distinct map layers in the main, overview and detailed map windows. Right-click anywhere in the auxiliary map window to activate the map selection menu. You can either choose a specific map source or keep the view synchronized with the main map.
2.Feature The Tutorial was updated according to the latest changes in MapSphere.
3.Feature Now a separate thread is used to save tracks. You can continue working while they are saved.
4.Change The Privacy page was restored in the Options dialog.
5.Change If you click on a thumbnail on the map, the large photo is downloaded if necessary.
6.Change A number of minor changes in the user interface.
7.Fixed The menu item "Online | Open My Page" did not work.
8.Fixed File filter was not correct for OziExplorer track files.
9.Fixed If at least one of the auxiliary map was close MapSphere would not start.
10.Fixed Sometimes the context menu did not appear in the chat window.
11.Fixed The information on a trip and its photos was not properly updated in case of changes.
12.Fixed The date strings could be duplicated in the chat window.
13.Fixed Chat history was not loaded if there was a message written by a deleted user.
14.Fixed Your username was a link in the chat window.
15.Fixed If an authorized user connected again as anonymous, his/her map context menu was incorrect.
16.Fixed Envelope icon indicating unread chat messages were not displayed for trips and groups.
17.Fixed The contact/group/trip list could scroll away on chat update.

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