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July 21, 2008MapSphere v.0.97 beta (build 145)
1.Feature Now there is a timeline control for viewing online tracks day by day or in any given interval. It appears automatically in the top right corner of the map window after you click "Show track".
2.Feature All kind of tracks are now visible in the 3D mode, including online tracks, your saved tracks and the current GPS log.
3.Feature The initial appearance of the Online pane was changed. Now you can type your login name and password directly in the pane.
4.Feature Now the user icons can be inspected on lower scales. Note that if some users are displayed as small dots, you need to move closer to them in order to know their names.
5.Improvement Now tracks are colored by days and indicate their direction. Each day segment has a new color.
6.Improvement The MapSphere rendering engine was improved. In most cases MapSphere works faster.
7.Improvement Now all messages and tracks are cached in separate directories for each user. Previously there could be different confusions if you login under another name at the same computer.
8.Improvement There is a possibility to temporarily login under another user name (without saving this information to registry).
9.Improvement Now zoom operations are performed much faster and smoother.
10.Change Now the chat tabs are limited by length to 20 symbols.
11.Fixed There was not possible to use non-Latin characters in titles and comments of the photos being uploaded via MapSphere. In this case the uploading failed.
12.Fixed On some computers MapSphere asked the login and password while uploading photos. It continued many times without any success.
13.Fixed The Help file couldn't be displayed when using Firefox as a default browser.
14.Fixed It was not possible to detect the user names if there were several users in the same point. Now you simply need to click on this "crowd" again.

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